Your iPhone has a hidden photo menu that unlocks genius feature

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There is a hidden menu for your iPhone Photos app that you can access in seconds.

A smart gesture will quickly unlock some quick access features for the app.

It all ties into an Apple feature called Quick Actions and works from the home screen.

Simply long press an app icon to unlock a hidden iPhone menu.

This may not work for all apps, but many support this feature.

And that includes Apple’s own Photos app.

Hold your finger on the Photos icon and a menu will appear.

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The first two options are Apple-specific quick actions.

One is to simply remove the app from the home screen, and another lets you move the app.

But the bottom four options will let you quickly navigate to specific features in Photos.

First, search, which is a very handy feature. You can search for specific terms such as “lake”, “dog” or “cheese”.

And just like searching Google Images, you’ll be able to find relevant photos in your own reel.

You can even search for specific events, like a concert you went to.

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The hack allows you to use a search function to find specific photos.
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“Photos for iOS can use the time and location of your photos and online event listings to find matching photos,” Apple explained.

“It is also possible to search by location.

So you can enter a place name like London to track photos of your trip to the British capital.

The second on the list is a year ago.

It does what it says on the box: you can quickly find photos and videos from a year ago.

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Another feature will show you photos taken a year ago to the day.
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The third is Favorites, allowing you to instantly navigate to that folder.

If you don’t use favorites, it’s worth a try.

It’s a great way to save your best images – just tap the heart at the bottom of a photo to ‘favorite’ one.

Finally, the Most Recent button will immediately take you to your latest photo.

This removes a step if you normally open your Photos app first to access the most recent image.

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