You Can Make Your iPhone Screen Extra Dark for Reading at Night

iphone night shift

When you open your iPhone in a dark room, you may find yourself squinting at the light from the screen, even when the brightness setting is all the way down. Although the Night Shift mode can help by replacing the hard blue light with more than one orange glow, sometimes that’s not enough.

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Fortunately, there is a workaround that can make the screen very dark so you can read, stream, or browse without straining your eyes.

Here are several ways to lower the brightness of your iPhone.

1. Make sure Night Shift is enabled

Night Shift dims your screen light to a sepia color. You can enable it through Settings or Control Center.

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Method 1: Settings

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. From here you can change the time you want it to activate and adjust the color temperature setting.

Night Shift displayed on iPhone

Enable Night Shift to dim your phone screen.

Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Method 2: Control Center

From the control center, press and hold brightness icon. Press the night team icon to turn it on and off.

2. Adjust your brightness settings

You can reduce the white point on your iPhone, which will adjust the intensity of the color display on your screen. Bright colors are particularly bright at night, so try this setting to dull them.

1. Go to Settings and select Accessibility.

2. Faucet Display and text size.

3. change it Reduce white point button on.

4. Drag the marker to adjust the darkness of your screen’s light settings.

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3. Use the Zoom setting to dim your screen

1. Go to settings and select Accessibility.

2. Faucet Zoom.

3. change it Zoom button on. You can navigate the magnified screen by swiping three fingers, and you can zoom out by double-tapping with three fingers.

4. Scroll down and tap Zoom region and make sure the parameter is set to Full screen zoom.

5. Go back and press Zoom filter.

6. Faucet Low light and your screen goes dark immediately.

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