XRHealth Announces New Treatment Availability for U.S. Patients


Patients with ASD can use VR therapy to address attention, inhibition, memory, mobility/coordination, and stress while measuring treatment progress through data analysis

BOSTON, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XRHealththe gateway to the health metaverse, today announces that its virtual/augmented reality therapy is now available in United States to treat autistic patients. So far, patients from Australia used ASD VR therapy to address attention, inhibition, memory, mobility/coordination, frustration tolerance, anxiety, and stress. XRHealth’s platform can also measure progress in therapy, with unique data insights that closed-loop VR technology can provide.

XRHealth clinicians will use the company’s FDA-registered applications to provide holistic, multidisciplinary treatment for patients with ASD, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral health, while the platform will provide valuable insights and progress reports to therapists and patients. In addition to individual treatment with XRHealth therapists, patients can join a support group inside virtual reality, allowing ASD patients to connect with each other.

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XRHealth services and technology address the multiple challenges faced by patients with ASD and their family members. Often it can be difficult for caregivers of ASD patients to get them in the car and drive them to therapy as there could be resistance to therapy or a change in their routine. XRHealth offers ASD patients a simple, fun, and engaging way to get the therapy they need from the comfort of their home, eliminating the difficulties that ASD patients and their family members face when they have to go to the doctor. Additionally, family members can also use XRHealth to help with the challenges of caring for a patient with ASD.

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According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.21% or 5,437,988 adults are diagnosed with ASD in United States. ASD is often detected before the age of 3 and is characterized by difficulties communicating and interacting with others, limited interests and repetitive behavior.

“XRHealth provides a game-like virtual environment for patients with ASD that’s perfectly suited for kids who want to engage in a familiar way,” says Eran Orr, Founder and CEO of XRHealth. “Because of the unique and fun environment, patients are more likely to adhere to treatment plans because they enjoy the process.”

About XRHealth:
XRHealth is revolutionizing healthcare, bringing patient care into the metaverse. The company operates state-of-the-art therapeutic care virtual clinics using proprietary FDA and CE registered extended medical reality (XR) technology (virtual and augmented reality). XRHealth integrates immersive XR technology, licensed clinicians, and advanced data analytics into a single platform, delivering a complete therapeutic care solution that allows patients to receive treatment from the comfort of their own home. The company offers a variety of patent-pending solutions ranging from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment and pain management training. XRHealth works with several world-renowned US health care providers, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. Founded in 2016, XRHealth is headquartered in Boston, MA and its R&D center is located at Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit

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