Whales, Waves, a Diver, Sea Turtles, and Fish All Hit The Streets of SoHo

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As New Yorkers, we like to think we’ve seen it all. And for the most part, we’ve seen everything from pizza-eating wildlife to world-famous stars on our streets every day. So there’s not much that can make our heads spin in wonder. But recently something new did catch our eyes. What made us do a double take, you ask? Well, it was sea turtles, fish, whales, a diver, and even waves crashing on the streets of SoHo, things we certainly don’t see every day, even here.

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But, upon taking a closer look, we realized that these sea creatures and waves weren’t real at all, but rather thanks to an incredible new augmented reality video display from PacSun. Filmed in Bora Bora and starring internet personality Emma Chamberlin, Misato Studio produced the new AR storefront display for PacSun, which you can now see outside the retailer’s SoHo store. And don’t worry, as real as those waves are, you won’t get wet. In fact, it’s all part of the plan, with PacSun creating the showcase display to deliberately blur the lines between reality and augmented reality.

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And this new AR video is just one of the many ways PacSun has hit the metaverse hard recently. As a digital innovator, PacSun is the OG retailer when it comes to accepting cryptocurrency. It also held live shopping events, created a number of new PacSun NFTs, including those in its coveted Pac Mall Rats collection, and now allows fans and shoppers to play. PACWORLD, his own interactive mall game for Roblox. PacSun even has its own dedicated video game, PacSun the game, which accompanies his spring campaign experience. The retailer will also be part of the upcoming immersive virtual festival that is ComplexLand in late May 2022.

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To learn more about PacSun’s presence in the metaverse and how it’s using augmented reality to bring a digital point of view to its physical stores, watch the video above, then head over to for configure your summer wardrobe now.

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