Watch: Evolution Complete – ‘Endling’ A Sci-Fi Short Film About A.I.


Watch: Evolution Complete – “Endling”, a sci-fi short film about AI

by Alex Billington
May 3, 2022
Source: Youtube

End of the science fiction short film

“Does the mystery of an irrational entity need to be unraveled?” What would our world look like if humans were replaced by advanced beings with artificial intelligence? endling imagine exactly that kind of future to come, following two beings carrying away the remains of the last human to be buried. They drive an impressive classic Corvette, which the human owned. It’s an intriguing, low-key sci-fi film about AI in which they discuss the many flaws of humanity and how emotions rule us. Martin Challinor and Jasmine Hoinka star as the two AI beings. It’s not the best short you’ll ever see, but it’s somewhat creative and makes you think about our place on this planet. Will we ever evolve beyond the human condition? Only time will tell…

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End of the short film

Thanks to our friends at Live for Films for the advice on this new short. Very brief description from YouTube: “Two advanced AI beings take the remains of the last human to be buried.” endling is directed by British filmmaker Rishi Thaker – who also made his feature film debut with an action movie titled Slaughter is the best medicine in 2014, in addition to directing other short films and various projects. The screenplay is written by Andrew David Barker. It is also produced by Rishi Thaker; with Asch Surani as associate producer. Featuring photography by Benjamin B. Smith. This originally premiered in the UK in 2020 before making its way online. For more information, visit YouTube. To discover more short films, click here. Your thoughts?

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