Verizon Brings Back Free 5G Phone Upgrade Promotion for New and Existing Customers

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After offering a big 5G upgrade promotion last yearVerizon is bringing back a version of the deal for 2022 as it tries to get people to switch to its latest unlimited plans and 5G devices.

On Thursday, the carrier announced it would be offering up to $800 off a new iPhone 13, essentially allowing a free iPhone 13 Mini or 128GB iPhone 13 or a heavily discounted 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max. A variety of 5G Android phones are also eligible, including Google’s Pixel 6 line and Samsung’s S22 range, Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3.

As with previous promotions, you’ll need to trade in a phone to get the discount, the exact value of the credit you get depends on a few factors, including the device you’re trading in. Verizon will accept trades for broken phones. , as long as the battery is not damaged. The trade-in value will also vary depending on the plan you have, with those on Start getting a maximum credit of $400, while those on the more expensive Play More/Do More/Get More will be able to get up to the max. $800.

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Verizon is making the deal available to new and existing users as long as they have or upgrade to its Unlimited Start, Play More, Do More, or Get More plans. The rebate will be distributed in the form of bill credits over a period of 36 months, incentivizing you to stay with the carrier. If you leave Verizon before the 36 months are up, you will lose any remaining bill credits and must pay the balance of what is owed on the device.

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Although Verizon is including the cheaper Start plan in this deal, it’s not changing its unlimited plans, and those on its most affordable unlimited option still won’t be able to take advantage of it. its fastest 5G networks (what it calls “5G Ultra Wideband”) even with an iPhone 13. To access all of the carrier’s 5G networks, you’ll still need to be on a Play More, Do More, or Get More plan.

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The new promotion arrives only two weeks after Verizon said it lost 292,000 postpaid phone customers in the first quarter of the year. The carrier blamed the losses on “competitive dynamics”, though it clearly hopes more competitive device deals will help shift that dynamic in its favor and keep people tied to its network for years to come. .

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