Verizon, AT&T cell phone users are about to see rate increases. Here’s how much more they will pay


Verizon and AT&T customers are about to see rate increases, according to reports.

Your cell phone bill is about to see a little inflation if you’re a Verizon or AT&T customer.

Verizon began notifying customers on May 16 that its rates were going to increase, according to reports. Millions of carrier customers are expected to see a $1.35 increase for each of their routes in early June. The increase will be included in the administrative costs. Business customers will see an “economy adjustment fee” set to begin June 16 and will see data plans increase by $2.20 per month and basic service plans increase by 98 cents per month.

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Meanwhile, AT&T has reportedly already made its increase with single lines increasing by $6 per month and $12 for families.

“We’re all feeling the pressure and we’re deciding how much of that pressure we can share with our customers,” Tami Erwin, head of Verizon Business, reportedly told Bloomberg.

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