Trump Claims He’s Not Ignoring N.Y. Attorney General Subpoena, He Just Lost His Phone


In April, a judge ruled donald trump in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena from the New York Attorney General Letitia James, whose office investigated Trump and the Trump Organization for fraud, and fined him $10,000 a day until he coughed up the documents James requested. Why has the former president not challenged the records and incurred not only the wrath of the justice system, but $140,000 in fines so far? Is it because after a lifetime of getting away with all the sneaky, sleazy, even criminal things he’s ever done, he thinks the rules don’t apply to him? Because he has this little regard for the rule of law? Because he knows that the documents in question would really make him look bad? According to Trump, none of that. No, according to the ex-president, it is because he can no longer find his old mobile phones.

In an affidavit filed last week by his attorneys, Trump claimed — swore, in fact — that he had none of the four phones his company gave him, which allegedly contain the information James is seeking, and has none. no idea. where they are. “I am not currently in possession of any phone, computer or similar device issued by the Trump Organization,” he wrote. “I believe the last phone or device the Trump Organization provided to me was a cell phone in 2015. I no longer have the cell phone in my possession and do not know its current location. Since January 1, 2010, I previously owned two flip phones and a Samsung mobile phone. I don’t have both flip phones in my possession and don’t know where they are currently. I took the Samsung with me to the White House and it was taken from me at some point while I was President. I don’t have the Samsung in my possession and I don’t know where it is currently. Currently, I own two personal cell phones: I have an iPhone that I have owned for several years and is for personal use. I also have a new phone that was recently gifted to me by Truth Social last week. I use this phone exclusively for posting on Truth Social and for no other purpose. I have never made or received a call, sent or received a text message, or used this phone in any way.

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Elsewhere in his filing, Trump says he handed over his current home phone and that his attorneys “diligently searched every room” of his private residence in Mar-a-Lago and the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster office, and have coordinated a search of his Trump Tower apartment with the Trump Organization attorney Alan Garden, and they simply couldn’t find any of the documents in question. Judge Arthur Engoron rejected a previous attempt by Trump to have the contempt ruling lifted, saying the affidavit filed at that time was “completely devoid of any useful detail.” In the most recent affidavit, Trump writes that he does not use email, text, or computers for work, and “it has been my usual practice not to keep any documents, files, or papers relating to my business activities in my private residences.” Of course, we know that this last claim is in fact not true and that he in fact took away numerous boxes of documents, some of them top secret, relating to his presidential work at Mar-a-Lago.

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Before the contempt ruling was issued, a lawyer for James – who said she uncovered ‘significant evidence’ of fraud by the Trump Organization – told the judge it was ‘like pulling your teeth’ to obtain the necessary documents.

In other Trump legal news on Monday, his former “fixer” Michael Cohen testified for four hours about his claim that his ex-boss ordered security to “dispose” of protesters outside Trump Tower when he was running for president in 2015. Those protesters then sued the Trump Organization for “gratuitous and malicious assault and batteries.” In a sworn deposition he sat for in October, Trump claimed he was unaware of the incident and didn’t learn about it until the next day (which, according to Cohen, n is not true). It is also from this testimony that we learned that the former president is terrified of being killed by a piece of fruit.

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