This Chef Dog is Cooking Up a Storm on Internet With its Culinary Skills and We are Drooling

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Instagram has a huge amount of food content. Creators share a myriad of clip types and yet the best is where the food is prepared and served. Today we introduce you to another such creator who cooks mouth-watering dishes and shares them on Instagram. And this creator makes no mistakes. Introducing “classically trained chef”, Badger. Badger is a beautiful golden retriever who cooks amazing meals. In the video we brought to you today, Chef Badger, as he is known, prepares afternoon snacks. The menu includes sweet and surreal muffins and a shaken cup of coffee.

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In the video, Badger does everything from kneading dough to filling cups to baking. At the end, he is seen pouring a cup of hot coffee and serving the muffin to his “father”. The adorable clip is captioned: ‘When your dad works from home and he’s constantly asking for afternoon snacks.’

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Since being shared, the video has garnered nearly 2,000 views and almost 16,000 likes. One user complimented the chef’s hat and wrote, “Oh my god! The chef’s hat for the day is so cute. Another said: ‘I love that he is hygienic and wears gloves. A user wanted to know if Chief Badger “delivers”. Another wondered, “How does your hat stay on your floor so well?”

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Well, Badger is quite talented at what he does as he is adept at cooking a wide range of dishes. Here is one where he prepares a bean salad for his “mahm”.

Here is another clip with the preparation of a “Pawfect Pawsta”.

There’s no such thing as freshly baked bread, is there?

So what do you think?

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