The Windows 11 rollout has finally ended

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Windows 11 is now available for everyone, over seven months since the rollout began in October 2021. As of yesterday, Windows 11 has been slated for large-scale rollout, meaning any PC that meets the minimum requirements can now Acquire the operating system through Windows Update. .

So far, Microsoft has rolled out the option to upgrade to Windows 11 based on the hardware compatibility of the device. Now anyone can get the update, as long as they still meet these minimum standards.

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Windows 11

For anyone still using Windows 10, it’s now pretty simple to update to Windows 11. However, you don’t have to update to the new OS – at least not yet and no if. early. Windows 10 will be supported until 2025.

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If you plan to update, however, you’ll also need to make sure your computer meets the minimum specs for Windows 11. These requirements are a bit stricter than past OS updates, which include requiring that devices support TPM 2.0. For safety reasons.

There are many great features on Windows 11 to compel people to update. When the update rolled out last October, however, many of these features were missing. However, many of these features are now available, such as tabs in File Explorer or sidebar widgets.

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Overall, the response to Windows 11 has been sharply divided. Many people like the new aesthetics, cleaner interfaces, and quality of life features, as we noted in our Windows 11 review. However, it’s still a bit different from Windows 10, and many people don’t. just don’t agree with them. This led to a dramatic drop in adoption rates for the new operating system.

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However, as the operating system matures, and now that it is widely available to everyone, more and more people will definitely opt for the upgrade. The number of gamers using Windows 11 has nearly doubled in the past six months, accounting for nearly 20% of those on Steam.

To get the free update for Windows 11, you can find it in the Windows Update window in the Settings app.

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