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Style: Sairey Stemp.  Blouse and jeans, Sezane.  Boots, Hobbs

Style: Sairey Stemp. Blouse and jeans, Sezane. Boots, Hobbs

According to, in 2016 gym membership was at an all-time high, with one in eight people a member of a club. Little did we know then that the whole world would be forced to exercise in their living room for over a year. They say that in 2020 we jumped five digital years in eight weeks – and the fitness industry was forever transformed.

While it’s too early to know the stats of returns from gyms now that they’ve reopened, one thing is certain: many of us have found new ways to exercise that weren’t there before the Covid. For some quick-witted entrepreneurs, this has spawned a new category of wellness: the digital health club. Some of the best ones are put together by dynamic wellness professionals who offer expert nutrition and fitness advice, live classes, chat rooms and exclusive offers, all at a fraction of the cost of gym membership fees. These are my trusted favorites…

nutritional know-how: Artah

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Looking to lose weight, break bad eating habits and gain more energy? Look no further than Artah (, the brainchild of nutrition therapist, naturopath and fitness expert Rhian Stephenson (also the former CEO of UK spin class sensation Psycle and a former athlete ). Membership of its online health club costs £12 per month / £115 per year. You’ll receive a weekly meal plan and recipes for 365 days a year (omnivorous and plant-based options), monthly member workshops on helpful wellness topics (next April 26 explores the gut) , as well as virtual retreats, guided cleanses, and shopping list plans. Rhian’s goal is to take the complexity out of being healthy.

Bodybuilding classes: Chloé’s Pilates

Stars fleeing London flock to the Cotswolds for Chloe Hodgson’s addictive body-strengthening sessions – her classes sell out every week. Chloe, who is passionate about form, function and helping us live injury-free, began online Zoom sessions during the first lockdown in 2020, simply as a way to deliver her regular classes to her dedicated clientele. Soon, however, her sleek new platform ( was born. For £20 a month you can join her weekly online body building class and access over 120 videos on demand. There’s also a downloadable healthy recipe guide created with nutritional therapist Rosemary Ferguson for the whole family (Chloe’s Healthy Chocolate Balls are the tastiest replacement for store-bought chocolate bars I know). You can’t fail to be inspired by Chloe’s upbeat and encouraging manner and her strong body.

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The pregnancy platform: Mamawell

Rosie Stockley has become one of Britain’s go-to names for exercise before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after childbirth. With over 15 years of experience in personal training, her Mamawell platform ( is beneficial for all women who want to gain strength, shape and increase their overall well-being. For £29 a month there are three new workouts every week (live and on-demand), a library of workouts to pick and mix your favorite classes, plus yoga, pilates and mindfulness. There’s also Rosie’s favorite recipes and a group support forum for when you need a little encouragement. Rosie’s approach is non-judgmental and supportive, and the platform is great for all fitness levels.



Therapy on a roll

Ilapothecary Speak Your Truth Flavor Roll, £28,

Ilapothecary Speak Your Truth Flavor Roll, £28,

Onolla is a newly opened wellness boutique in Barnes, South London, with an expert selection of natural products. My favorites include the mood-boosting aromatherapy rollers.

Aira Therapy’s Homeworkers Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Ball, £9.50, relieves pain; Menopoised Find Calm Aromatherapy Pulse Point Oil, £19, contains neroli, lavender and ylang-ylang to soothe the mind, while Ilapothecary’s Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller, £28, is a reassuring blend of rose, sandalwood and vanilla.

A prickly pick-me-up

Prickly pear vinegar (£14,

Prickly pear vinegar (£14,

Move over, apple cider vinegar – there’s a new sister on the block. Italians believe prickly pear vinegar (£14, from Sicily has multiple health benefits, from lowering blood sugar and cholesterol to curbing food cravings. Just add a dash of water and enjoy. privacy policy

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