Skyrim VR Player Uses Oar to ‘Golf’ With Dead Body

Skyrim VR Player Uses Oar to Golf With Dead Body

Since its release in 2011, players have had no shortage of things to do in Skyrim. Along with completing the main story, the game includes many other side quests and secrets to discover in its vast open world. Additionally, a virtual reality version was released in 2018 that allows fans of the base game to have an even more immersive experience.

Known as Skyrim VR, this version of the game uses a virtual reality headset to allow players to play the game with an even greater sense of scale and depth. Additionally, players can control various movements in the game through motion controls. Recently, a gamer showed off a particularly unusual way to play the VR version of the classic title.


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Taking to Reddit, a user known as CaliWuv shared a video of his recent read Skyrim VR. Although there have been many clips shared with the game fan community playing Skyrim, this one stood out because the Reddit user decided to play golf inside the virtual game. Or at least they found the closest thing to golf they could think of in the VR version of Skyrim.

In the video, CaliWuv was seen holding an oar as he stood next to a dead body in Skyrim. Interestingly, the player picked up the paddle as if doing a backswing with a golf club. They did this several times in a row while standing over the corpse as if lining up a golf shot. Finally, they swung the oar, hitting the corpse. Impressively, the force of the blow sent the corpse flying through the air a considerable distance. Adding to the comic effect, the player raised one of his virtual hands to block the sun as he watched where his shot went.

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Unsurprisingly, many members of the Skyrim The community on Reddit noticed this hilarious video captured by CaliWuv. Since the clip was posted a day ago, it has racked up over 30.9,000 upvotes. Among the comments, many appreciated the player’s ingenuity to make a game within a game. Additionally, some tried to offer suggestions on how to improve the player’s form. “Keep that left arm straight!” Unhappy-Sink-6517 suggested. Additionally, other users liked how the player used his hand to block out the sun’s glare after hitting the shot.

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While it might be hard to top this golf clip shared by CaliWuv, it’s far from the only unusual fan-shared experience in the open world of Skyrim over the past two weeks. For example, a player recently captured a clip of an overflowing Elder Scrolls room. As players continue to play both the standard version and the VR version of Skyrimit will be interesting to see what other videos are shared with the community in the coming weeks.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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