Reddit User Creates What Realistic Pokemon Encounters Could Look Like in VR


Who is ready to face Onix from Pokemon in a super realistic VR environment? It’s definitely not the ordinary Pokemon live!

As one of the biggest video game franchises in the world, Pokemon has evolved into various gaming platforms so far. The arrival of Pokemon Gothe first AR entry in the franchise, took the world by storm and it’s still one of the most popular AR games on mobile phones.

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With such popularity, it’s no surprise to see Pokemon on VR platforms in the future if this new category of games develops well enough. Let’s hope a Pokemon fan has already created a visual demo of what a VR is Pokemon would look like, especially if built on a realistic art style!

Pokemon GO | Alola Season Trailer

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Pokemon GO | Alola Season Trailer





A Pokemon game with such graphics in VR could really give you a heart attack!

To be fair, we’ve always seen Pokemon in anime-style graphics, which never makes them look horrible. But when rendered in a realistic art style, they transform into creepy giants like Godzilla that could be a nightmare to contend with in a VR environment.

This is exactly the experience TheRevivalProd has created. A first-person encounter with Onix at the entrance to a dark cave. Even watching it in a non-VR environment looks awful!

Regarding the fact that the Pokemon The franchise has millions of fans across a wide range of ages, it’s unlikely we’ll officially get anything like this on a VR platform. However, it’s still a super creative angle on a franchise like Pokemonand it would definitely be worth a try if it was a playable demo or something similar.

You can check out other similar videos from TheRevivalProd by visiting their Reddit profile page.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the latest video game in the franchise which launched for Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

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