NUS Computing Joins Forces with TZ APAC to Develop Singapore’s Next Generation of Tech Innovators

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AsiaTZ APAC, a Blockchain Adoption-Based Entity, to Spearhead Blockchain Curriculum in New Center for Nurturing Computing Excellence

SINGAPORE, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TZ APACthe first Asia-a blockchain adoption entity based on supporting the Tezos ecosystem, announced a partnership with the national university of singapore School of Computing (NUS Computing) to create the Center for Nurturing Computing Excellence. Led by Associate Professor Tan Sun Teak from NUS Computing, the new center will allow students to learn from real-world industry experts in areas such as blockchain technology, cloud computing and data science.

Singapore is rapidly becoming a leader in blockchain technology, and the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore and worldwide has experienced substantial growth in recent years. To meet the growing demand, it is crucial for top schools such as NUS Computing to build a strong talent pool in this fast-growing field and ensure that the country’s IT talent is well equipped to harness the potential of blockchain technology, in combination with other complementary technologies, to contribute to that of Singapore Digital Economy.

“During the last years, Singapore has established itself as a premier destination for technology companies in cutting-edge industries. By partnering with pioneering organizations such as TZ APAC, students will have the opportunity to benefit from real-world expertise at a critical time in their education,” said Associate Professor Tan of NUS Computing. “By establishing this center to foster excellence in computing, we hope to raise the bar for computing education in the country and across the region, as we nurture the next generation of tech talent.”

Assoc Prof Tan is also responsible for training and mentoring students participating in internationally renowned programming competitions such as the International Olympiad in Computing (IOI), the National Olympiad in Computing (NOI) and the ‘International Collegiate Programming Contest. In 2021, he led the IOI Singapore team to achieve the best performance in its history, winning 3 gold medals and a silver medal.

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The IOI is a major competition, with the participation of many personalities from the industry. Notably, the first architect of Tezos Arthur Breitman was an IOI candidate who represented France and got a bronze medal. Other personalities from the Tezos ecosystem who participated in the IOI include the President of France-IOI Mathias Hiron and Senior Software Engineer of Nomadic Labs Mehdi Bouaziz. Additionally, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin was a bronze medalist who competed for Canada.

To stimulate blockchain literacy among students involved in the IOI as well as secondary and tertiary students, TZ APAC will create a blockchain development program where students can learn directly from TZ APAC team members to through hybrid virtual and in-person courses, workshops, hackathons and tutorials based on use cases within the Tezos ecosystem. With education a key priority within the Tezos ecosystem, the establishment of the Center for Nurturing Computing Excellence follows past engagements with other higher education institutions in the region, including Kyoto University, Nagoya Madras University and Indian Institute of Technology.

Colin Milesnewly appointed CEO of TZ APAC, said, “Over the past year, we have seen a lot of progress in from Asia the blockchain ecosystem in terms of significant adoption and TZ APAC has played an important role in driving this growth through enterprising projects based on Tezos. By partnering with NUS Computing, we hope to advance a future in which blockchain education is not limited to niche developer communities, but a core part of computer science curricula at some of the region’s leading universities. »

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TZ APAC’s commitment to Singapore comes at the right time given that investments in the country blockchain ecosystem saw a tenfold increase from 2020 to 2021, with 82 transactions valued at a combined price US$1.48 billion according to KPMG ( In line with this, the TZ APAC Tezos Development Center will also be launched in the central business district of Singapore.

TZ APAC, along with other community entities, is supported by a ~US$1.2 billion ecosystem war chest managed by the Tezos Foundation to support some of the most promising local and regional projects. Serving as the entity’s new APAC headquarters in City House, the TZ APAC Tezos Developer Hub demonstrates TZ APAC’s longstanding commitment to cultivating blockchain talent in Singapore and throughout the region.

New CEO of TZ APAC Colin Miles and NUS Associate Professor of Computing Tan Sun Teak are both available for interviews

About Tezos

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and trade value in a digitally connected world. A self-scaling, energy-efficient blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly embraces tomorrow’s innovations without a network disturbances today. To learn more, visit


TZ APAC Pte. (“TZ APAC”) is the leader AsiaBlockchain-based adoption entity supporting the Tezos ecosystem. He designs value-added blockchain transformation strategies for businesses and creators with a bottom-up approach, working closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem. TZ APAC is supported by the Tezos Foundation and is headquartered in Singapore.

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About NUS Computing

NUS Computing is one of the world’s leading computer science schools, with faculty members who are both internationally renowned researchers and inspiring teachers.

The school offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs in the entire field of computing, including computer science, information systems, computer engineering, business analytics, and IT security. information, as well as specializations in emerging areas of importance such as artificial intelligence, financial technology. , blockchain, analytics and security. As a result, the school attracts excellent students and produces talented graduates who make their mark in the world.

The school’s outstanding education, coupled with the demand for IT talent across all fields and industries, makes NUS Computing graduates highly sought after. The school instills leadership qualities and an entrepreneurial spirit in students through mentorship, community service initiatives, and special programs, including The Furnace, a start-up incubator that provides funding, infrastructure, and support. management support to realize original ideas.

In research, NUS Computing has established a long-standing excellence in areas such as databases, multimedia, computational biology, social media and digital business, as well as digital innovation in the service economy. The School also strategically strengthens research excellence in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (robotics and machine learning), intelligent systems (Internet of Things), analytics, health informatics , as well as computational social sciences.

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