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Wondering what it’s like to be in virtual reality?

“I would say it’s almost like transporting yourself to a different world,” said Jack Whitman, a high school student from Westford, Massachusetts. “It’s always an amazing feeling when you’re holding a lightsaber or an object in VR, and you know, it’s like you can feel it, but you take the headset off and you stay where you were the whole time. “

Whitman has an Oculus Quest virtual reality headset.

When the batteries of one of its controllers began to drain rapidly in January, it submitted a support ticket with Oculus. He says the company sent him a shipping label to return the controller, and he put it in the mail.

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“They actually told me they would only send a refurbished device or just a replacement controller,” Whitman said. “And they also said it will only take three to five working days after you get the package.”

Whitman says he was told his package had been received, but he heard nothing else.

“For the next two and a half months, I kept asking them how things were going, what was going on, and they just told me that the investigation was ongoing,” he said. he declares. “They were processing the return, but they weren’t returning anything. And every time I contacted them, it was the same response, ‘We’re working on it’. And after a while, I felt like it wasn’t go anywhere so I needed to contact someone for help.

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His parents told him to call NBC10 Boston Responds for help, and he did.

“It was definitely a very irritating thing, because VR was such a big part of how I played with friends, and especially how I got activity,” Whitman said.

We contacted Oculus about the issue and received a general email stating that the company is working to resolve it. We also contacted Facebook, which owns the company.

“After sending your communication to Oculus, I believe about a week to a week and a half later I received shipping confirmation that the controller was coming,” Whitman said.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed by phone that Whitman had received his replacement and said the delay was due to inventory.

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The company also gave her a $30 gift card.

“I’m very happy with the end result, even though it took some time,” Whitman said. “Thank you for your help, and I think I will be able to use my VR headset as I always wanted to in the past and continue to use it that way.”

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