Microsoft To Do gets new notes feature on Apple’s iPhone and iPad


The Microsoft To Do app was updated to version 2.70 today on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch smart devices.

Although this update is rather small, it added a new ability to create a note for a task during the task creation process instead of having to add a note afterwards.

The feature takes the form of a new shortcut icon in the menu bar while the task creation process is active (see top image) and is generally quite easy to use. Just tap on it, then type a note.

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Here are the full release notes for the app update:

We’ve made it easier to add notes to tasks. Just tap the new notes icon while adding a task to quickly add more context to your tasks.

Microsoft To Do is a free checklist productivity tool that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. All task creations and edits sync through Microsoft’s cloud servers and the whole product is really seamless enough to be used across all ecosystems.

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