McDonald’s just gave (some) customers something brilliant

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It’s on the way.

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How do you know when your customers really, really need your product?

Too often, their greatest need can come at the worst time for you.

Maybe you are not open. Maybe you are too busy. Or maybe you just don’t realize how great their need really is.

When, for example, will you need a Big Mac the most?

When you’re hungry, sure. But also, perhaps, when disaster strikes and your options have narrowed to the unacceptable.

McDonald’s has found an ingenious way to meet customer needs right now.

Fortunately, the idea is simple. If you are the kind of home cook who frequently fails in the kitchen at home, you can ask for one of these gadgets.

As its name suggests, it is a smoke detector. The ingenious part, however, is that it doesn’t just detect excess smoke. It instantly sends you an SMS asking if you would prefer McDonald’s delivered to you immediately.

The clue may lie in the shape of the McDetector. It looks like a Big Mac. An overturned plastic Big Mac.

You, too, will be thrilled to know that this thing is 3D printed, IoT-inspired, and when smoke is detected, you hear McDonald’s famous signature music.

Rarely has disaster been accompanied by so much modern joy.

You might think this is all just a little frivolity. A stunt to capture attention. You would be right.

The McDetector is only available in the Netherlands, as this promotional idea originated from the Dutch branch of McDonald’s.

However, many people around the world would love to have one of these permanently installed in their homes, as a lifesaver for their kitchen mistakes?

Cooking can be difficult. McDonald’s is always easy. This wonderful use of technology makes things even easier. The McDetector could even become a selling point adopted by real estate agents and home stagers.

This house doesn’t just have smoke detectors. He has McDetectors.

I imagine McDonald’s sales and marketing departments might skim this idea.

What fast-food chain wouldn’t love a permanent presence at home, an upside-down burger hanging from the ceiling, eating away at your appetite, 24 hours a day?

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