Labour activists are ordered to say nothing about Beergate… as BBC admits receiving complaints

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The Labor Party has told its Durham activists to shut up over the Beergate scandal which plunged Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership into crisis.

Local members have been instructed not to speak publicly about its beer and curry ‘party’ during lockdown.

Durham Constabulary announced last week it was launching an investigation into the gathering on April 30 last year after receiving ‘significant new information’.

At the time, socializing indoors was prohibited.

The move follows a series of revelations in the Daily Mail about what really happened when Sir Keir met with MPs and officials at Durham Miners Hall ahead of local elections last year .

Pictured: Sir Keir was filmed drinking in Miners Hall last year

Pictured: Sir Keir was filmed drinking in Miners Hall last year

Sir Keir said he would ‘do the right thing and resign’ if police served him with a fixed fine notice for the event.

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But he did not say whether he would resign if Durham Constabulary found he had broken lockdown laws, but stuck to his policy of not issuing Covid fines retrospectively.

In an email to members this week, Chris Turner, the local Durham City Labor Party secretary, warned they could be contacted by the press.

He told them: “If you are contacted by a journalist, I would advise you not to respond. Politely refuse to talk to them.

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Meanwhile, the BBC has admitted it has been hit with complaints it gave Beergate ‘insufficient coverage’.

The broadcaster released a review statement yesterday, which it traditionally does when it has received more than 100 complaints about an issue.

He defended his reporting, saying the story had been covered “in our news and current affairs programs”.

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