Kino Lorber Takes Hernán Findling ‘Virtual Reality’ From FilmSharks

Virtual Reality

New York-based Kino Lorber has acquired all North American rights to Argentine director-producer Hernán Findling’s horror film “Virtual Reality” (“Impossible Crimes”).

Other deals in the picture made by FilmSharks include Media 4 Fun (Poland), AV Jet (Taiwan) and Laon-I (South Korea). Japan, Latin America, the United Kingdom and France are in discussion.

“Only a few horror stories achieve such a level of talent by fusing so many different stories into the same feature film, incorporating well-known genre classics into one all-new feature film. This low-budget film surprised everyone,” said FilmSharks CEO Guido Rud. Variety.

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With Vanesa González, César Bordón, Christian Sancho and Federico Bal, “Virtual Reality” was screened in Sitges and Bifan. In it, a cast and crew arrive at their director’s for the premiere screening of their film. They soon discover that he has made a sinister pact to really get his career off the ground.

FilmSharks continues to air Fabian Forte’s folk horror comedy “Legions” and otherworldly romantic comedy “Ghosting Gloria.”

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Harnessing much of Damian Rugna’s Netflix team and “Aterrados” sold by Shudder and set to premiere at July’s Fantasia Festival, “Legions” closed Germany (GAS, via Donau Film), Russia /CIS (Cinema Prestige) and Taiwan (AV Jet). The United States is in talks.

The comedy-horror depicts evil forces descending on Argentina, while humanity’s best hope, a once-legendary shaman played by Germán De Silva (“Wild Tales”), is confined to a mental asylum.

In a separate pact, Warner Media’s HBO Max Europe acquired “Ghosting Gloria.” Star Entertainment has taken the Indian rights, while the film has already sold in the United States (Pantaya streaming service), as well as in Spain (Movistar Plus) and Taiwan (AV Jet). Latin America, France, Germany and Japan are under discussion.

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“Ghosting Gloria”, by Marcela Matta and Mauro Sarser (“Los modernos”), turns on a 30-year-old single woman who has never had an orgasm. She finally finds her ideal lover, although he does not belong to the land of the living.

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