iPhone tips: Check out how to take screenshots on iPhone 13 like a pro and save it as pdf

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iPhone Tips: You have been taking wrong screenshots all this time on your iPhone 13. Know how to take screenshot on iPhone effectively.

iPhone Tips: Apple’s iPhone is known for its intuitive software that makes day-to-day tasks much easier. Even performing advanced tasks that can be difficult on Android can be done quickly on iOS. But many of these features are not easily revealed and unless you are an Apple enthusiast or have explored all the features of your smartphone diligently, chances are you won’t know much. on your smartphone. Take screenshots, for example. Whether you have the latest iPhone 13 or an older iPhone 8 without Face ID, there are several ways to take a screenshot to suit your needs. And what’s more? You can directly convert a screenshot to PDF so that it is easy to read and share. If you want to learn how to take screenshots on an iPhone like a pro, read on.

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iPhone tips: how to take screenshots on your iPhone 13

Taking screenshots is a very important tool that can help you in different ways. Whether you want to save a useful Instagram post, an online article, or your favorite recipe, screenshots are your offline bookmark that you can access and share instantly. But taking screenshots is tricky work. There are different types of screenshots for different purposes. What do you do when you need to take a screenshot of a very long article? Many people take multiple screenshots to capture the entire article, which is not only tedious but can also be confusing when reading them.

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Alternatively, you can also take a long screenshot, but how do you share it, because the long image compresses all the text until it’s unreadable and you have trouble understanding the words. Well, if you are an iPhone 13 user, Apple offers you a great in-device solution. It directly converts the screenshot to PDF. So don’t wait, try this feature now. Find out below to learn how to take screenshots on an iPhone like a pro.

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