Internet’s Worst Songs for a Coffee Shop

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After a post went viral on social media, the internet discussed which songs they would never want to hear in a cafe.

Taken to Reddit’s “Antiwork” forum, someone with the username u/DaFunkJunkie shared a screenshot of a tweet that read, “My boss denied me a raise before my shift today what is the music you never wanted to hear in a café? The user captioned his post with, “Love this energy.”

For baristas, the average amount of money they make per hour in the United States is around $13, according to Indeed.com.

With over 90,000 upvotes and 9,000 comments, Redditors discussed their responses in the comments section.

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“Kids Bop versions of songs like ‘WAP’ where almost the entire song is censored and it’s in an annoying child’s voice,” u/Breatheofari received 5,000 upvotes for their comment.

“I was going to recommend a specific kids bop song that I hate but remembered I hated them all,” u/villager47 replied.

U/wbrd also responded to Kidz Bop’s comment, “My kids loved the kid bop version of ‘Pain’. Then they found the Lil Wayne version.”

Barista making coffee
The internet is discussing songs they wouldn’t want to hear in a cafe in a new viral Reddit post.
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“So it’s early May Christmas music,” u/NonbinaryGaster wrote, receiving 10,000 upvotes on their comment.

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“Christmas music, but one of those auto tune cat/dog albums. So instead of jingle bells it’s Meow meow meow Bark bark bark Meow meow bark bark WOOF,” said u/Daffodil_Peony_Rose.

“Vintage chipmunk Christmas music,” u/traypo said.

U/Thatguy468 wrote, “I still have the music program password for a hotel I used to work at. The owners and management were so awful that after I quit I randomly played it on the Christmas music channel on Friday nights.

“Two years later I met a girl who was still working there and when I told her she almost died laughing. Apparently no one could figure out why this was happening and never thought of change login credentials. I really should check and see if that login credentials have been changed,” they continued.

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“‘Baby Shark’ on a loop,” u/JericIV wrote.

“‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ on loop,” u/Templar388z

“Rage Against The Machine. All day. Loud,” exclaimed u/ScamLikely336.

U/AMay101 added, “Play cupcakke. LMAO, watch how fast people leave discomfort.”

“Polka. Non-stop polka,” u/mistersynthesisr added.

“Nickelback was designed for this moment,” said u/bk15dcx.

“Hollywood Undead, especially their old stuff,” u/PsychoSquid wrote.

U/mokeshields808 shared: “‘B**ch Better Have My Money by Rihanna.'”

“What’s up Tom Jones Pussycat on repeat,” said u/thatoneguy88.

“With a single ‘It’s Not Unusual’ launched in the middle,” u/jamie_x_passion replied.

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