Internet Slams Husband ‘Sexting’ Nurse After Surgery: ‘Betrayal’

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The internet has slammed a man who was caught by his wife texting his nurse after surgery.

Posted on Reddit’s popular subreddit r/TrueOffMyChest on Wednesday, the woman shared the story which has now received over 9,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments.

Throwra990379 wrote: “My husband was admitted to hospital for his pre-existing condition. He was there for a week and had to undergo minor surgery. He was flirting with this nurse who was tending to his care, but I didn’t think anything because there were drugs and anesthesia involved, so I figured his mind wasn’t really there.”

Nurse/patient and a woman reading the phone
A file photo of a nurse and patient looking at documents, left, and a photo of a woman upset about what she is reading on a phone, right. The internet has slammed a husband who was caught ‘sexting’ his nurse after surgery.
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But days after her husband was discharged, the wife was shocked to find that her husband had been sexting the hospital nurse. Sexting is a slang term combining sex and texting, involving the sending of sexual text messages that often involve nude or semi-nude photos and explicit videos.

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“It’s the same nurse. I even have her contact information,” the Redditor wrote. “He even told her how warm she was to him in that cold hospital room. I was absolutely in shock…I didn’t know what to say or do.”

She revealed that her husband is still recovering and spending most of the day in bed, but she has yet to confront him about the discovery.

“I feel so awful and want to confront him, but I was afraid starting a fight would make him worse,” she wrote. “I did my best to take care of him. Completely broken inside and I feel so betrayed.

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Known as the Florence Nightingale effect, cases of caregivers falling in love with their patients have been recorded for many years. Named after English nurse Florence Nightingale, the syndrome borrows her name because of her compassion and tenderness for patients. The term was popularized in 1985 after the release of Back to the future where Lorraine Baines has a crush on a strange boy who was injured outside their house. In the film, Dr. Emmett Brown says that the crush is the result of the Florence Nightingale effect.

In an article published in the American nurse journal, the authors argue that nurses are required to maintain strictly professional relationships with patients for both legal and ethical reasons.

Reddit users were shocked by the story, overwhelmingly siding with the woman. One commenter said: “I’m sorry. If he’s healthy enough to text his nurse, he’s healthy enough to deal with the music. Also, it’s completely against the ethics on the part of the nurse. Small or not, I would call the hospital and let them know too.”

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Another Reddit user wrote, “Illness is no excuse for betrayal,” and another commenter said, “If he does this to you while he’s in this condition and you take care of him, I couldn’t believe he didn’t. did it when he felt healthy.”

Another commenter who said she was a nurse said: “On the one hand giving out personal information as a nurse can be really stupid and dangerous (stalker potential) and the fact that she entertains your husband’s advances n is not just grossly unprofessional, it promotes the ‘sexy nurse’ idea and makes other nurses vulnerable to sexual harassment.”

This week, another woman was asked to dump her husband after she shared the story of her husband’s “naughty” text messages.

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