Internet Slams Business Sign Lamenting Wyoming Workforce

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Thousands of internet commentators noticed a Wyoming company for a sign with a pointed message and an unfortunate typo.

In a viral Reddit post posted to r/antiwork, Redditor u/TyrionsShadow shared a photo of the sign, presumably displayed in the storefront of the business.



Titled “Guarantee They’re Not Paying Enough. Pay More!” the viral post including the sign has received more than 30,000 votes and 2,300 comments in the past seven hours.

Since last April, more Americans have quit their jobs than at any other time in the country’s history.

This mass resignation movement, widely called the Great Resignation, has been liberating for millions of employees) and infuriating for employers and business owners across the country. Data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that more than 4 million employees have quit their jobs every month since October 2021.

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Help wanted sign
Members of Reddit’s popular r/antiwork forum were quick to respond to a Wyoming company complaining about a lack of volunteer employees.
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Throughout the Great Resignation, employers have complained of labor shortages and a generation of young workers who, according to numerous storefront signs similar to the one included in the viral Reddit post, simply refuse to work.

In the past six months alone, Newsweek reported many signs heartbreaking both former employees and potential employees for these labor shortages and supposedly not knowing the “meaning of hard work”.

More recently, Newsweek reported that the manager of a Dollar Tree in Indiana was fired after a panel pitting Gen Zers against baby boomers also went viral on Reddit.

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For Wyoming specifically, the Wyoming Department of Labor Services reported a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3.4% for March 2022, down 1.6% from March 2021 and 0.2% lower than the seasonally adjusted national unemployment rate of 3.6%. .

While it’s unclear which Wyoming company the viral sign was posted on, commenters responding to the Reddit post speculated that its understaffing was due to poor working conditions and mocked the typing error in the last word of the sign.

“This can’t be real,” Redditor u/FishTarTarSauce wrote in the main comment to the post, which received over 11,000 votes.

“The level of incontinence at this facility is killing me,” they added, mocking the sign’s use of “incontinence” instead of “embarrassment.”

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“Best typo,” Redditor u/DuncanIdahoPotatos replied sarcastically. “They just can’t keep that shit inside.”

Redditor u/cdurs, whose answer received nearly 3,000 votes, was able to look past the typo.

“Incontinence aside, I just don’t understand how the idea of ​​’if no one applies for this job, maybe I should pay more’ doesn’t occur to these people,” said they commented. “If you were charging $1,000 for a regular sandwich and no one was buying it, wouldn’t the idea of ​​lowering the price cross your mind at some point?”

In a separate comment, u/artificialavocado echoed that sentiment.

“Those who can adapt adapt,” they wrote. “Those who can’t will be crying on social media in 6 months about how their business was ‘stolen’ from them.”

“That’s it,” added Redditor u/rdickeyvii. “They’d rather shut down the business and complain that no one wants to work while ignoring the fact that they’re probably looking for minimum wage employees.”

Newsweek contacted u/TyrionsShadow for comment.

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