I Learned This On The Internet: Episode 5

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Welcome to Episode 5 of “I Learned This On The Internet!”

When your phone’s battery gets extremely low, it can be important to keep it alive. Take a break before deciding to turn it off – turning it off and back on can actually drain the battery even more. Instead, put it in Airplane Mode to conserve energy.

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If you’re ever stuck in a power outage or need to light up a room, your phone’s flashlight is almost always there. However, did you know you could make a cozy light out of it? By taking a Gatorade or water bottle and placing your phone light under it, you can provide more light and better distribute the light.

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Got a bunch of spare batteries lying around? You can test if they are good or dead with this easy trick. Bounce the stacks about 6 inches – if they bounce once and fall, they’re good. If they bounce around a group – they are dead.

Need to listen to music but don’t have a speaker? Getting the sound you need is easier than you think. By placing your phone in a glass or plastic cup, you can naturally increase the volume.

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