How to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone

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Taking a screenshot on an iPhone is simple – a quick press of two buttons plus a few taps and you can share your screen with the world. But what happens when you try to capture a moment online that takes up more time than your screen can handle, like a terrible tweet that has remarkable replies, a weird version of Elon Musk’s latest buzz, or a juicy group text?

Taking a series of screenshots might seem like the only solution, but no one at reception will be happy to get 10 separate images (our camera rolls are already jam-packed without your input).

There’s a little-known way to take full-page screenshots on iPhone, and a few solid apps that also scroll screenshots and auto-stitch screenshots. Do your friends a favor and learn how to combine your screenshots with these easy methods.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone

Your iPhone has a native tool that lets you capture multiple images in a screenshot, but unfortunately only works in mobile browsers. You’ll be able to capture an entire article or a website’s homepage, but the tool won’t work in posts or social media apps.

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While a bummer, it’s still a great way to take full-page screenshots without cluttering your iPhone with third-party apps.

To turn your standard screenshot into a full page, you’ll need to tap on the screenshot preview.Screenshot: Sam Hill / Entrance

  • Open a website in your mobile browser.
  • Take a screenshot as you normally would by pressing the volume up and side buttons simultaneously (or the home and side buttons if you’re using an iPhone without Face ID).
  • Tap the screenshot preview that appears in the lower left corner. These previews disappear after a few moments, so be quick. (If you miss it, just take another screenshot and try again. Once the screenshot is sent to your camera roll, there is no way to edit it and make it a full screenshot page.)
  • On the screenshot preview page, tap the “Full Page” option above your screenshot. Immediately, your preview will move and display the entire page you were on. You can use the long bar on the right side to scroll through your screenshot and use one of the native editing tools. Trying to edit a screenshot here is admittedly a pretty terrible experience. We wish you could easily cut out sections of the screenshot that you don’t want to share, but the crop tool isn’t easy to maneuver.
  • If you’re happy with your screenshot, tap the share icon in the top right corner. This will bring up the normal share menu you know and you can send your screenshot as a multi-page PDF.
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How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot Using Third-Party Apps

Apple’s native scrolling screenshot is really easy to use, but won’t help you if you’re trying to save a long Twitter thread or part of a busy group text. Luckily, there are a few third-party apps that take over.

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Picsew is the absolute best solution to the limitations of the iPhone’s native full-page screenshot tool. The app automatically turns the screen recordings you create into seamlessly scrolling screenshots that you can save and send in all sorts of formats. The app can also stitch together existing screenshots. Although the editing tools are quite basic, they are much easier to navigate than Apple’s official options.

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The free version of Picsew is a bit limited – you can only stitch screenshots you’ve already taken with it. A one-time 99-cent subscription will earn you advanced editing tools, auto stitching, and shortcuts. You will have to shell out $1.99 for the screenshot scroll tool.

Tailor is a no-frills screen capture solution and we love it. If you take a handful of overlapping screenshots from a wild Facebook comment section or Slack feed, you can open Tailor and it will automatically pull them from your Camera Roll and shuffle them. There is no option for screen recording, but the process is almost as easy and convenient.

The interface is a bit clunky and all your screenshots will have a little watermark ad for the app unless you pay a one-time $2.99 ​​fee to remove them, but hey, job done .

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