How to repeat tasks and see completed ones in Todoist

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In my recently updated productivity guide, I showed how I use Todoist to track my tasks. But if you had one of those days where you reviewed your tasks, how can you review what you did? And if you have certain tasks that repeat regularly, how can you ask Todoist to help you manage them? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

By the way, there has always been a question in my mind whether to-do is “todo”, “to-do” or “to do”. Most people don’t have to worry about this, but these things keep me awake at night. I once did an entire article on how to properly encapsulate the word “cyberattack”. Once you become an editor, something clicks in your brain and you can’t ignore formatting inconsistencies.

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In any case, what about things to do? In the end, it has to be done (with a dash). How can I know? Well, while there really is discussion on the internet about this finicky little topic, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Grammarhow say the dash is the deal. So it’s to-do and to-do list.

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That said, the name of the product we are reviewing today is obviously without a dash. Such is the chaotic state of the world today.

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How to see the tasks you have completed

Turns out it’s pretty easy to see the tasks you’ve completed. If you look at the top left side of Todoist’s screen, you’ll see what looks like a small pie chart.

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Note the numbers next to the circle:

coming soon-todoist-2022-05-10-04-20-12.jpg

Todoist lets you set a number of cleared tasks as a daily goal. In my case, I want to erase five tasks per day. So far, I’ve knocked down three. When I finish this article, it will increase to four.

If you click on this pie chart, you will see a drop-down information pane:

coming soon-todoist-2022-05-10-04-22-18.jpg

This pane shows you information about the number of tasks you have cleared today and this week. It also contains a link you can click to see your actually completed tasks.

These are mine so far today:


Note that one of the tasks I completed is called “Banks and Invoices”. I wrote an entire article about this practice, explaining that it is the best way to protect against credit card fraud. It is worth reading.

If you want to print this to-do list to give to your boss, click on your profile icon and press print. That’s all we can say about it. You can also save the printout as a PDF and email it to your manager.


How to repeat tasks

There are two ways to repeat tasks. The first is to simply duplicate a task and assign it to another day. The other is to set a task as repeating so that it reappears in your task list at the right time. Let’s look at both.

To duplicate a task, move your cursor to the far right of the task until three dots appear. Click on these dots to display the menu, then select Duplicate.


A copy of the task will appear. Once you’ve duplicated a task, you can edit it as you see fit.


Duplicating a task allows you to check off the task today, so it appears in your completed items, take the other copy and assign it to a future date or to a different project.

A much more powerful tool is one that allows you to schedule a repetitive task. This is one area where Todoist really shines. Let’s say I want to write a new article every Thursday. All I have to do is type in my to-do “Write an article” and then follow it with the repeating pattern of “every Thursday”. Todoist will recognize the words, turn them red, and schedule them, just by typing “Every Thursday.”


There are a whole bunch of planning words you can use. You can do it daily, weekly, monthly, every third Tuesday and more. Here’s a great cheat sheet on the Todoist site that will walk you through all the options.

I’ll end with two more quick tips:

  • To turn off the repeat function for a given taskjust press the delete key.
  • If the auto-repeat feature isn’t workingGo to Settings->General and make sure the Smart Date Recognition toggle is enabled.

That’s it. Enjoy your Todoist and achieve great things.

What task management software do you use? Are you already a Todoist fan? How do you stay organized? What should you do today? Let us know in the comments below.

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