How to cancel a Twitch subscription on desktop or mobile

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Tired of paying for Twitch subscriptions? You can end your Twitch payments after your current subscription cycle by following the correct steps. Here’s what you need to do. We’ll also discuss canceling from mobile and what to do if you have Twitch Prime or just want to temporarily deactivate your account.

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Cancel your Twitch subscription on desktop

If you’re already on your desktop, canceling your subscription is a simple process. Here’s where to go.

Step 1: Head to the Subscriptionstarget=”_blank”> on your Twitch account. If you don’t automatically log in, you’ll need to enter your Twitch username and password.

2nd step: look for it Tooth icon in the upper right corner of the window. Select this option to change how your subscription works.

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Step 3: You’ll see options to change your subscription or change your payment method. But if you want to cancel entirely, select Do not renew subscription.

Choose Do not renew subscription.

Step 4: Twitch will display a list of reasons to choose from to indicate why you’re canceling. Select what you want, then select Do not renew subscription. Note the date at the bottom, which indicates when you can subscribe again if you change your mind.

Choose your reason for canceling Twitch.

Step 5: Keep in mind that Twitch subscription durations may vary. If your account is set to renew every three months and you only have one month left, you will still have two months left before you cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Twitch on a Mobile Device

Subscriptions work a little differently on mobile devices, but you can still cancel them quickly with the right approach. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Open the Twitch app on your mobile device and sign in if needed. Once you are there, select your Profile Picture in the upper left corner.

2nd step: To select Subscriptions.

Twitch Smartphone Subscriptions.

Step 3: Your new window will now show your active Twitch subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel.

Cancel Twitch subscription in iOS.

Step 4: In the new window, you can check the status of your subscription. To finish it, select the unsubscribe button at the bottom and validate.

With your subscriptions cancelled, why not consider becoming a streamer yourself? Here’s how to stream on Twitch.

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