HistoSonics, GE Healthcare agree to integrate ultrasound into sonic beam liver therapy

GE Healthcare HistoSonics ultrasound sonic beam liver therapy
GE Healthcare HistoSonics Ultrasound Sound Beam Liver Therapy
[Image from HistoSonics]

HistoSonics today announced that it has agreed with GE Healthcare to use its ultrasound imaging to power a new sonic beam therapy.

The agreement from Minneapolis-based HistoSonics formalizes ongoing efforts to use GE Healthcare’s Logiq E10 series ultrasound imaging platform to power the platform’s real-time visualization capabilities. HistoSonics sonic beam liver therapy.

Under the agreement – and post-marketing clearance – HistoSonics will distribute GE Healthcare’s Logiq E10 series on an individual basis along with its breakthrough liver therapy system, according to a press release.

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HistoSonics designed its Edison System to use histotripsy to noninvasively destroy targeted liver tissue. Edison mechanically destroys and liquefies targeted tissues at a subcellular level. The company said it plans to use GE Healthcare’s imaging platform to provide continuous visualization of key and unique elements of the histotripsy treatment procedure, including planning, monitoring and immediate verification. after treatment.

The agreement supports HistoSonics’ efforts to launch Edison, which leverages the company’s expertise as well as ultrasound technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and capabilities to help GE Healthcare’s clinical decision, the company said.

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HistoSonics continues to participate in its US and European clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of histotripsy for the destruction of targeted primary or metastatic liver tumors. The company has received FDA Breakthrough Device designation for its technology, which remains experimental and not for sale.

“We are very pleased to formalize our imaging partnership with GE Healthcare, which is a key part of bringing our transformative therapy platform and an entirely new treatment option, to the clinic and to patients,” HistoSonics VP of R&D Josh Stopek said in the statement. “We have developed a very collaborative relationship with GE Healthcare and look forward to expanding our efforts to realize the full potential of histotripsy in clinical applications, specialties and healthcare facilities.”

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