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TC Sessions Mobility Graphic

How was your first day at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022? We hope you’re fully caffeinated and ready to roll, because day two is packed with groundbreaking technology, opportunities galore, and top-notch programs. Finish your coffee view the event agenda and plan your day.

We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the presentations you won’t want to miss. Enjoy the adventure!

Ready for a road trip? Audi’s spin-off Holoride has your entertainment needs covered – and you don’t have to wait for full autonomy either. Its in-vehicle VR system turns every vehicle into a moving theme park – and it’s rolling out in Audi cars starting this summer. Nils Wollny, co-founder and CEO of Holoride, will talk about the place of technologies – like virtual reality, blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency – in the automotive space.

Buckle up for a fascinating look at automotive cybersecurity. In 2015, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek hacked and took control of a Jeep Cherokee. Today, the duo — undisputed leaders in the cybersecurity industry — hold top security positions at Cruise, the standalone GM-backed company. They join us on stage to discuss the ever-changing security risks associated with today’s connected cars and tomorrow’s robotaxis.

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Don’t miss the moment when the prototype of Arrival finally arrives. Last year, the company announced a partnership with Uber in the UK. The plan ? Design and build an affordable electric vehicle purpose-built for ride-hailing. This is the first public launch of the prototype before the vehicle (hopefully) goes into production. Arrival Chairman Avinash Rugoobur will talk about the prototype design process and other ongoing and upcoming projects.

A solid pitch is essential if you want to fund your startup dream. Grab your favorite note-taking device and head to TechCrunch Mobility’s pitch. Dozens of the industry’s brightest mobility entrepreneurs will bring the heat and pitch to a live audience – and a panel of venture capitalist experts who will then offer invaluable commentary. Watch. Listen. To learn.

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Forget the knights – they are so sixth century. We have Roundtable Entrepreneurs. Well, round tables. Check out the three we have on tap today.

  • The future of fleets: While vehicle fleets represent an important opportunity to rapidly evolve in green mobility, the customer is different from other commercial and industrial customers. Join Doug Davenport, Founder and Executive Director of ProspectSV, for a discussion on institutional client needs and how to win in this unique market.
  • Sustainable Mobility in Emerging Markets: Optimizing People, Planet and Profits Through Technology: Join Damilola Olokesusi, CEO and Co-Founder of Shuttlers – a technology-driven transport startup in the highly congested metropolis of Lagos and Abuja – for a discussion on long-term transport sustainability. Development? How technology can leverage three key pillars – people, planet and profit – to help raise awareness and provide solutions to transportation technology gaps in emerging markets.
  • Why you can’t build a new electric vehicle in American companies: Gas-powered cars and motorcycles have been around for over a hundred years. During this period, automotive brands and large companies have acquired a wealth of capital and experience. Talk about a rooted legacy. But with the major push in electrification, that legacy is a bit of a crutch. Join Richard Meaux, COO of Exro Technologies, to discover and discuss why electrification requires a huge mindset shift. And this shift has enabled American companies to learn from nimble tech startups working with the latest electrification technologies and to think way beyond “how things were done.”
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It’s the second day of the TC sessions: Mobility 2022 in a nutshell. Wait, you don’t have a ticket? No worries, you can always purchase a pass for as little as $65. We’ll see each other there!

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