Here’s the answer, hints for May 4

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Top of the morning, Wordlers, and may the 4 be with you. Yes, it’s Star Wars Day, and as always, we’re here to help with clues and the answer to wordle #319. No Bothans were harmed to bring you this information.

We’ve got some subtle clues to today’s answer, which you’ll find at the bottom of the page, but along the way you’ll find helpful tips and strategies as well as these tips for today specifically.

wordle was created by former Reddit engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his puzzle-loving partner and suddenly went viral in late 2021. As we previously reported, the original game was purchased by the New York Times earlier this year for a very pretty penny.

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It has also inspired a wave of variations on the format, from clones that play with the number (like Dordle and Quordle) or theme (like Taylordle or Lewdle) of possible words, to guessing games that test your musical knowledge, cards and Hollywood. .

What is the best wordle starting word?

Young padawan, there are options for days. Check out our in-depth guide to the best Wordle starter words.

East wordle harder now?

It may seem like it some days, but nothing has changed – the same old Wordle, now with some of the more obscure words actually removed. But you can always change wordle in hard mode if you want to test yourself. (Yes, you played on easy mode.)

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Not the day you are looking for? Here is the wordle answer and clues for May 3.

where can i play old Words?

Today wordle is not your only hope: the whole archive of the past Words is available to play online.

Why are there sometimes two wordle answers the same day?

Sometimes two different answers can be correct, depending on which version you are playing. As stated above, this is due to changes New York Times brought to the word list.

Here’s a hint for May 4th wordle to respond:

Sadly, it’s not remotely Star Wars themed. It is an old regular noun, and also a verb.

wordle 319 is a 5 letter word ending in…

The letter N! But it starts with a letter that is do not N. And that?

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What is the response to May 4 wordle?

I hope you are ready, because this is happening right now.

Everything is ready ? Are you sure?

The solution to wordle #319 is…


Some people might actually have one today, because it’s a stellar starting word! It has five of the 12 most common letters and two vowels. Consider taking him off the bench and incorporating him into your starting lineup.

You did not understand ? Do not worry. There’s always another chance when it comes to wordle. Check back tomorrow for more helpful hints and tips!

Reporting by Amanda Yeo, Caitlin Welsh and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this article.

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