GRAID Supreme Raid SR-1010 controller uses NVIDIA GA106 GPU for AI acceleration


NVIDIA GA106 GPU as RAID controller

GRAID Technology announces its new GPU-powered RAID controller.

The company has just introduced a successor to its NVIDIA T1000-based controller. A new model uses the NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU, and it actually looks like the NVIDIA solution. The difference is that it is not a graphics card and therefore has no display connectors. GRAID controllers relieve the CPU of the I/O process, which is usually a huge mathematical task for large RAID arrays. By offloading these calculations to power efficient GPUs, the RAID controller will perform faster than software solutions.

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SR 1010

GRAID Supreme Raid SR-1010, Source: GRAID

According to GRAID, their new GA106-based controller called SR-1010 delivers up to 19 million IOPS at 4k random read speed under optimal Linux settings, which is about 20% faster than the SR-1000 controller ( 16 million IOPS). The same high-end software-based solution would only deliver 3.5 million IOPS, so GRAID’s new GPU solution is 5.4 times faster.

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SR 1010 spec

GRAID Supreme Raid SR-1010 Speeds, Source: GRAID

The Supreme Raid SR-1010 offers up to 110 GB/s throughput and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. In addition to a faster GPU, the SR-1010 comes with PCIe Gen4 support, which is not available for its predecessor.

NVIDIA RTX A2000 has a GA106 GPU with 3328 CUDA cores. It comes with 6GB of GDDR6 memory on a 192-bit interface. The card is dual-slot, low-profile and draws around 70W under load. According to GRAID, it should start shipping next month, but pricing has yet to be announced.

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