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The e-commerce market has exploded in recent years, and with it, the appetite of tax collectors to do their bidding: establish rules that ensure their countries get a cut. This means more paperwork and more customs hoops (and costs) for those shipping and receiving goods, as well as delays if something goes wrong. All of this has been bad news for the e-commerce market as a whole.

Today, an Estonian startup called Eurora which has built an AI-based system to facilitate all of this more easily in the EU region is announcing $40m (£31m) in funding as it finds lots of traction for its solution, with over 200 paying customers worldwide. These figures are set to increase: in Europe alone, by 2026, more than 260 billion parcels will be delivered each year.

Connected Capital, an Amsterdam-based firm, led the round, with previous backers Change Ventures and Equity United, and Eurora founder and Marko Lastik also taking part. (The company had raised just a modest $3 million in four years prior.) Eurora isn’t disclosing its valuation, but the round is one of the biggest Series A rounds for a Tallinn startup to date. .

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Eurora has been around since 2018, but it has really come into its own in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic – an interesting detail in itself, considering that much of e-commerce history in recent years focused on how companies exploded during the pandemic and because of the direct changes in the way people lived and functioned.

The event that really spurred much of its business was that e-commerce, already on a growth trajectory, accelerated after 2020 due to this pandemic, and caught up with that, in the EU, regulators last July (2021) made a series of changes to the way e-commerce items are imported from overseas – specifically ending a €22 import VAT exemption and introducing new trade regulations between EU region and other countries, not just China, but also the United States and even the United Kingdom.

Goods are no longer protected by any value cap and are now taxed according to their final destination (not the point of import). This was partly to ensure funding was clawed back where it was due, but also, in classic EU style, to create what they see as a more level playing field for domestic sellers (based in the EU).

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The problem with all of this is that it’s essentially a de-simplification of the previous system. Every country has different sales tax codes, and different items have different classifications, and now there’s more paperwork for those sending and receiving items to process, and generally more money to collect. All of this is more complex and ultimately leads to delays and likely non-compliance that could catch up with these companies in the longer term.

Eurora’s approach has been to build a platform that functions as a kind of AI-based tax maven, more technically called a “VAT intermediary”.

“If you buy online, the tax and duty is [often filled out] Wrong. Our machine makes sure it’s correct,” Lastik said in an interview. “Everything before and after the declaration is correct. This is a machine. You no longer need to ensure that each package is correctly declared.

The company says it worked with 22 scientists who helped build its platform, which uses big data to help track and trace the origin of packages and make sense of how customs forms, which might state something as vague as a “tool”, is a power or hand tool, what type and from what materials and purpose and so on. It then assigns a product-specific HS code, calculates VAT and duties, creates customs declarations and much more, all of which a customer can integrate with their other accounting and shipping software via APIs. .

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It claims to be able to process 5,000 requests per second with up to 96% accuracy.

“We are excited to lead the investment in Eurora and actively support the team in scaling the platform globally,” Shaffy Roell, partner at Connected Capital, said in a statement. . “The founder and the entire management team have impressed us with their quality, their expertise in the field and their vision of the company. We have seen clear pressure from regulators to improve transparency and reporting of the growing number of goods entering through customs. We believe Eurora has built a truly unique AI/ML-based platform, dramatically improving compliance while reducing parcel delays and lowering costs for e-commerce parcels shipped within Europe.

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