Doogee S98 rugged smartphone review

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This is the second smartphone with a secondary screen that we are testing. The first was the Unihertz TickTock 5G smartphone which launched on Kickstarter in late 2021 and still has some supply issues. Doogee is dipping its toes with the secondary display feature with a second rugged phone, the S98. Truth be told, we prefer the implementation on the V20, a superior – but also more expensive – smartphone from the same vendor. Considering the S98’s price though, we’re pleasantly surprised by the hardware spec sheet that anchors it solidly in the midrange basket: 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and three rear cameras including a shooter. 64 megapixels.

Doogee S98: Price and availability

the Doogee S98 is available direct from the manufacturer’s site for $340 (approx £/AU$), a saving of $160 off its suggested retail price. At the time of writing, it was a few weeks behind the three global warehouses currently stocking the smartphone. It is available in Wine Red, Classic Black and Phantom Grey. AliExpress sold for as little as $260 (about £/AU$) on sale, so it might be worth shopping around. Remember that these prices exclude local taxes and processing fees that may be levied by third parties.

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