DartPoints’ Bridge IX in Columbia — The First Public Internet Exchange in South Carolina — Now Operational

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Bridge IX enables businesses, schools, government institutions, content providers and carriers to exchange data within the state

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Darts pointsthe leading digital infrastructure provider, today announces that its Internet Exchange Point (IX) in Columbia, South Carolinacalled Bridge IX™, is now operational. Caroline from the south Internet traffic has traditionally been routed to the nearest major network markets: Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina DartPoints’ Caroline from the south The mission is to keep state traffic local to improve network performance and resiliency and reduce connectivity costs. Bridge IX allows local organizations to interconnect, or “peer”, directly with each other.

“By providing a neutral and scalable peering infrastructure that creates and encourages partnership opportunities for all participants, we strengthen Caroline from the south the internet connectivity ecosystem and, by extension, the state economy as a whole,” said Brad AlexanderChief Technology Officer of DartPoints and a Caroline from the south resident. “Ultimately, Bridge IX offers Caroline from the south a stronger, more efficient and more cost-effective Internet connectivity infrastructure. »

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Unlike the wider Internet – which is more expensive, less predictable and less secure – local peering in an IX (which is limited to IX participants) offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced connectivity costs by enabling direct data exchange
  • Access to an international peering ecosystem with over 2,100 connecting networks, including highly sought-after connections with popular cloud providers
  • Optimized routing for faster transfer speeds and lower latency
  • Direct, private and secure connections to popular cloud providers including Microsoft, Amazon and Google
  • Increased stability and quality with redundant physical infrastructure and circuitry
  • More effective content delivery through mutually beneficial business relationships
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For members of the Bridge IX ecosystem, the technology reduces organizations’ connectivity costs, improves the Internet experience, and opens new doors to partnerships and services. With this investment, DartPoints enables peering with the largest number of cloud service providers, content providers and carriers around the world. For content providers and carriers, Bridge IX enables better service delivery through private and secure connections, optimized routing, and redundant topology.

Dartpoints (formerly Immedion) provides technology solutions in Caroline from the south for more than a decade, from its four active data centers in the state, located in Colombia, Greenville, North Charleston and Spartanburg. DartPoints offers unparalleled support, attention to detail via an onboarding checklist, and technical expertise backed by permanent, continuously trained technicians. To learn more about Bridge IX, Click hereand speak with the DartPoints team in Colombiacall +1 (803) 726-9250.

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About DartPoints
DartPoints is the leading digital infrastructure provider enabling next-generation applications at the edge. The company’s unique suite of services, “Digital Next”, combines digital infrastructure and hybrid cloud with DartPoints’ industry-leading internet exchange offering (Bridge IX™) and a state-of-the-art high-performance computing solution (liquid edge℠). By combining cloud, interconnect, colocation and managed services, Digital Next enables enterprises, operators and cloud and content providers to have cutting-edge ecosystems. DartPoints is building the distributed digital infrastructure of tomorrow while addressing today’s cloud and colocation needs, and helping to bridge the digital divide. Visit us online at www.dartpoints.com and join us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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