Couple’s ‘Dollar Tree Date Night’ Inspires the Internet

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A Florida couple inspires others with their “Dollar Tree date night,” planning their meals based on the results of a contest using foods found in the store.

The TikTok recounting the situation, captioned, “Dollar Tree date night because we’re both poor and that was the [bomb emoji] #fyp #datenight #couple #food,” has been viewed over 816,800 times and liked 83,500 times since it was shared on April 27.

According to Statista, Dollar Tree’s net sales in the United States, as well as Canada in 2021, were $26.3 million. The company has also seen an increase in sales since 2007.

Rising freight and operating costs were cited as the reason for Dollar Tree’s increase from one dollar to $1.25 for most items, as previously reported by Newsweek.

An official statement said the price increase will allow Dollar Tree to “expand its offerings, introduce new products and new sizes.” Additionally, the move allows the company to re-offer items “that were previously discontinued due to the constraints of the $1 price tag.”

The $1.25 cost would allow the company “to return to its historic gross margin range by mitigating historically high increases in the cost of goods,” which include more expensive transportation and distribution costs, and shipping costs. exploitation such as wage increases.

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The viral 43-second clip was posted by TikToker @dylanowens84, or Dylan Owens, who filmed the date from his point of view at a Dollar Tree store as they used a game to choose what to eat later .

The song The very first night by Taylor Swift played in the background as the TikToker and the wife, presumably his girlfriend, played paper scissors to determine who would choose the first selection, which was drinks.

They stood in the drinks aisle and they played for the best of three. Owens won the first round and he chose two flavors of Jarritos Tamarind Sodas for their drinks, bringing them closer to the camera for a better look.

Afterwards, the couple again played rock paper scissors, this time to determine who would choose the appetizer. The woman won and she chose a package of hot and spicy flavored pickles from the refrigerated section. She held the item before they took their next turn.

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Couple laughing together
A couple’s “Dollar Tree date night” inspires the internet. Here, a couple laughs together while holding glasses of wine at the table.

This time, Owens won the game and he chose alfredo sauce and penne pasta for the main course, holding the ingredients in front of the camera.

Finally, a last game of rock paper scissors was played by the couple to choose a dessert. The woman won the final round and she chose a package of chocolate chip cookies from the refrigerated section. She was holding them with both hands and with a smile on her face.

Before the video ended, a preview of the finished product was shown and the cooked meal included the sodas in glasses with ice along with two bowls of alfredo pasta with green beans added on a table as well.

Then the couple pressed the cookie pieces together to cheers, and the woman took a bite before the video was cut.

Over 600 comments poured in during the Dollar Tree date and from what viewers had to say, it’s an idea that’s sure to be copied.

Many people seemed eager to participate in a date like the one posted in the future. “I love Dollar Tree so much,” said one viewer. “I could have a date like this!” »

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Others also think it’s a great idea. “Let’s do it,” wrote one viewer. “It’s economical.”

The video brought back memories for some. “Reminds me of when my husband and I first met, times were tough, but we were in love,” one TikToker wrote.

Some people see the value in being able to have everything in one place. “It’s pretty cool to be able to find everything I want to say,” said one viewer.

While one TikToker didn’t think it mattered “the price is just enjoying the special moments with your person”.

Apparently the idea is not new to some people. “Dollar Tree date nights were some of my favorite memories,” one viewer said.

Endorsing comments included things like “Love this idea”, “Stop it, that’s really cute”, and “It looks so much fun”.

Newsweek contacted TikToker @dylanowens84 for comment.

This isn’t the only viral moment involving a date. A man laughed at his date who said his dating goal was marriage. A man schedules meetings with his girlfriend on Google Calendar. Additionally, a man made a “rude” comment, which prompted a woman not to see him again.

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