Consolidated Communications begins fiber internet rollout in Falmouth

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Consolidated Communications has begun installing fiber-based Internet service in Falmouth. Contributing/consolidated communications

Fiber internet will soon be available to some Falmouth residents through Consolidated Communications, a broadband provider which has already started installing equipment.

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Consolidated Communications installs Internet fiber on cables already in place. The service will be available from September in East Falmouth. Contributing/consolidated communications

According to City Manager Nathan Poore, the installation is taking place in phases, and “the first phase is significant and includes much of the community east of City Hall.” Residents of this sector will be able to access the service as of September.

The last fiber internet will be available to all residents in 2025, but the company hopes the work will be completed before then.

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Fiber internet uses fiber optic cables which allow for higher internet speeds than cable.

Customers can stream to multiple devices via fiber internet service, according to Sarah Davis, senior director of government affairs at Consolidated Communications.

“Kids can be on Netflix upstairs, you can be on your Platoon, someone else can be on a Zoom call, so it allows an almost infinite number of users to be on a system in same time without getting what’s called the ‘spinning wheel,'” Davis said.

The service is faster because the upload and download speeds are the same, she said.

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Consolidated already offers fiber internet in Portland, Rockland, parts of Bangor and Long Island. Davis said bringing fiber to Falmouth is part of a larger goal to bring service to the greater Portland area, where the company believes there is a strong desire for faster internet.

Fiber Internet is also available through Otelco in Westbrook, Gorham, Buxton and Windham, and through GWI in South Portland.

Residents will see Consolidated trucks around town, Davis said, but construction “shouldn’t interfere with day-to-day operations” because the fiber is installed over cables already in place.

Prices range from $30 to $75 per month, depending on the plan. Davis said low-income customers can get a $30 discount through the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program. To learn more about the program and eligibility criteria, visit fcc.gov/acp.

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For more information on fiber internet and to find out when it will be available in specific areas, go to fidiumfiber.com.

“Fiber is the best technology available to meet all customer data needs,” Davis said. “For any customer, whether they are working from home, trying to educate their children, doing telehealth visits, fiber will provide the most reliable platform to do so.”

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