City neighbours turn on family whose pet cockerel wakes them up by crowing at 4am every day

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Exhausted neighbors say their lives have been turned into a ‘nightmare’ by a noisy rooster waking them up with a piercing crow at 4am every day.

Council officials are currently investigating the bird, which was taken in by a family as a pet for their young children.

Disgruntled locals are demanding it be removed from the Arboretum house in Worcester, claiming it is disturbing their sleep.

Teacher Sonya Vickers, 48, lives several doors down from the family who own the rooster and says he wakes the street up every morning at 4am.

She said: “We left when we came back at Easter we realized the neighbors had the rooster.

“It has now been eight weeks of interrupted sleep. The rooster starts crowing at 4am, sometimes it’s 5am, but that’s every day.

“My 25-year-old daughter hears it more because her bedroom is on this side of the house.

“She had to move into her brother’s room to get some sleep. She had to miss work last week just to catch up.

“Some of us walked around and politely asked to at least keep him in the dark chicken coop until 8am, before letting him out.

‘But nothing happened. We asked nicely several times. It’s antisocial. It makes life a bit of a nightmare for some down here.

“We heard he might be breaking a rule to keep the rooster and the hens they have.”

Another resident, who works from home, said the rooster disturbed his Zoom calls to his boss.

He said: “It’s really hard to concentrate and look professional when it looks like your office is on the farm.

“My colleagues have started calling me Old MacDonald because our morning meetings are constantly interrupted by cockadoodle-dos.

“The family bought the chicken as a pet for their children. I’m not sure they have any idea how loud they can be, but it drives everyone crazy.

It is not illegal to keep chickens or roosters, but anything that creates a loud noise could be a nuisance under the Environment Protection Act 1991.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services have launched an investigation into the rooster.

A spokesperson said: ‘We have received complaints about a noisy rooster at a property in the Arboretum area.

“We are actively investigating these complaints.”

The rooster’s owners declined to comment.

A man who answered the door to the property said: ‘We can’t comment on this, the matter is going through the proper channels.

“We are very upset about the situation. Children love the rooster. It’s their pet.

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