“Build like fury” – BT boss pledge on faster internet speeds

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BT boss Philip Jansen (PA Media)

BT boss Philip Jansen (PA Media)

BT boss Philip Jansen today hailed the telecoms giant’s rollout of broadband internet, saying the Openreach arm ‘continues to grow like a fury’, now reaching 7.2 million premises .

Janses wants to accelerate the deployment speed of so-called FTTP – Ultra Fast Fiber To The Premises Broadband – from 3 million to 4 million premises per year.

It should help fulfill Boris Johnson’s pledge to get fast internet to every home in Britain, albeit a little behind the 2025 timetable first promised.

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BT today restored its full-year dividend to 7.7pa, back to pre-Covid levels, in a move that will reassure the city.

Full-year revenue fell 2% to £20.8bn, while profit rose 9% to £1.96bn.

BT has completed the legal work behind its 50/50 joint venture with Warner Bros Discovery Arm. This should immediately improve BT Sport’s content and strengthen the business when bidding for content in the future, such as Champions League rights.

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BT could sell its half to Discovery later, or not. He has also signed a long-term deal with Sky over content sharing, the latest sign of how the two former murderous rivals are becoming increasingly partners.

On the cost of living crisis, Janses admits his concern.

“We are very aware of the environment in which we operate. Inflation is a major concern,” he said.

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BT prices are set to rise by £35 this year, which compares well with a £1,500 rise in energy bills, but could still tempt some to opt for the cheapest internet connection over the fastest.

Jansen insists BT’s internet is still great value at less than £1 a day.

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