Beauty: Skincare goes back to basics… 

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I really love this sleek new range – and I know you will too

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When I sat down to talk skincare recently with the triple threat – journalist, author, and influencer – i.e. Sali Hugues (below), it turned out that we were two women singing from the same hymn sheet.

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“It’s gotten to the point where I think people are confused,” Sali says. “Can I use this with this? Why is my skin freaking out? are questions I get asked all the time. Women need to turn their bathrooms into science labs to prep their skincare. C It’s like going to a lovely restaurant, ordering dinner, and the waiter dropping a load of produce on your table.

care mark Revolution approached Sali during lockdown and asked her if she’d like to collaborate on a new lineup (she was already a vocal fan). Once the brand agreed to its non-negotiables (it should be affordable, user-friendly, accessible, vegan and made in the UK), they started working on it.

Launching this Thursday, it’s excellent – and makes a simple and effective daily routine for everyone, no matter your age or gender. These are products formulated to include all the ingredients you need: hydrating hyaluronic acid, brightening vitamin C, caring niacinamide and more. There is a small amount of fragrance, but it is synthetic (so no potentially troublesome essential oils) and used well below any potential irritation level; it’s designed to “smell like a chic spa”.

There’s no SPF or retinol here (if you want it, go to a specialty brand, says Sali). And if you suffer from acne, she suggests this isn’t the range for you (“you should be with a pharmaceutical brand”).

Otherwise, there is a morning cleanser (clean sheet£10) and an evening for extra make-up removing power (clean butter£15), a daily liquid exfoliator (Placid 5 Acid£14), and a vitamin C serum (Must-C, £15) for morning and evening. If you use retinol at night, ditch vitamin C at bedtime and opt for a moisturizer (Cream dip, £14). The Sali range is available on

…and the gadgets are getting super high-tech

From the skin scan at Boots to the hydrating hair dryer, welcome to the future of beauty!

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Beauty tech is a key growth area, but it’s not just about home offerings. The store is in the center of Boots where this month it presented its No.7 Pro Derma Scan (above), a free service that photographs your skin with dermatological detail and precision. The image is used to assess your hydration levels, fine lines and wrinkles, pores and oil balance to better prescribe your correct skincare (and skin tone for your undertone of complexion).

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It’s a simple 15-minute process: the gadget looks like an iPhone with a large lens and is held at four points on the face to capture images. These are then translated into a score out of five for each of the categories. (The service is available in 429 stores, find the nearest store and book in advance at

The resulting products the consultant will recommend are all Boots No 7 – no hardship as the skincare is top notch – and if you try your recommended regimen for four weeks and don’t like the results, you can recover your money. But, if you wish, you can always take your diagnosis and use it to shop elsewhere. My hydration score was four out of five which was a surprise as dehydration is one of my main issues.

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I’m convinced it was because I tried the Reduced Boost (£179,, a new at-home gadget that promises to boost the absorption of your skincare with up to five times better results. The little portable gadget is pre-programmed via an app to coincide with the products you use: whether it’s a moisturizing serum, an anti-blemish product or an anti-wrinkle potion.

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Once you’ve applied this step of your skincare, swipe the Boost on top – the process is pre-timed on application. Its pulsating electromagnetic powers help push products deep into the skin for optimal results.

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Hair is also welcoming new technologies with the Zuvi Halo hair dryer (above, £329, It’s impressive: Quiet enough to start with, but it also uses 60% less energy than traditional dryers and works with light energy technology – inspired by the sun, no less – to dry the surface of the hair but leave the inside hydrated so it feels and looks healthier and stronger. Tests also suggest it’s 57% gentler on dyed hair and boosts shine by 38%. It is currently only available online, but dedicated stores will open this summer. The handle is chunky – so it might be worth the wait and touch before spending.


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