Beauty: My mayday miracle workers

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These are the proven products I turn to in an emergency

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May Day is back and it’s a time of year that always lends itself to plenty of floral-inspired shopping ideas. But, since we covered this recently for Mother’s Day (you can still find our selection on, I thought instead I’d take an alternate route combined with a slight pun. So these are my favorite Mayday picks – like in the products I currently trust to help me when I need help with a beauty SOS.

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I realize, of course, that the word ‘mayday’ has nothing to do with traditions to mark the first day of summer. Still, it gives me a hook to snag this roundup of loyal followers — a list that can help me with everything from cheering me up when I look tired to emergency protection if the revelation of the body is suddenly (and unexpectedly) pushed onto me. Hope you find them all useful too…

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Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo, £23,

This updated version of the already awesome dry shampoo is one of the non-negotiables in my beauty bag. When you don’t have time to wash and style, it can prolong a blow-dry for days and keep the hair fresh and clean without itchy consequences on the scalp.

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Whind Kasbah Stars Radiance Replenishing Night Serum, £80,

A mild acidic formula that helps smooth and brighten skin overnight with aloe vera to soothe. Excellent if you need to banish the dullness.

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Vaseline Expert Care Instant Dry Skin Rescue, £3.99,

Strictly speaking, it’s a body lotion, but I use the little tube as a hand cream – and it’s a serious beauty aid. It almost always accompanies me because it works wonders on dry and even chapped skin.

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Altruist Dermatologist Family Sunspray SPF50, £9.50,

One of the best sunscreens and ideal for sensitive skin. It’s now available in a handy spray bottle so it’s easy to squirt and go – which might not sound glamorous but it’s useful. It is also reef-friendly.

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Ruby Hammer Nail file, £18,

I never use anything other than glass files like this as they are gentler on the nails and much faster and smoother in their work. I love this red because it’s easy to find!


Manucurist Green Oil Nail Treatment, £14,

My nails can be a bit brittle and this is my last SOS treatment for them. A nice blend of six oils, one drop will do all the nails on one hand and I definitely notice a difference after use.

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Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil, £29,

Very subtle effect, it brings a little light and radiance to the face, neckline and body. It can be used mixed with or over a moisturizer. This shade is Pink Opal but there is also a paler pink, champagne and bronze.

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