Beauty: A clever way to get your glow back 

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These smart new additions guarantee a fresher, warmer look… in an instant

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It’s time for what I call the “spring face”. I guess this sentence is self-explanatory: as the seasons change, it usually leads to a change in our makeup choices as well as our clothes. Things become lighter, fresher, even more cheerful.

The addition of heat is also quite traditional – although in truth, I am a trans-seasonal bronzer user. And while there are plenty of classics I’d love to return to, a newcomer to the category also excites me a lot. say hello to Bionic Bronzer Makeup Milk (£23, This is a liquid bronzer in a tube and you only need a small amount. Be warned, though: when you first dab it on your face, you’ll think you’ve accidentally slipped some tar on it. But never fear, it blends in with a light touch of sunny warmth – fingertips are fine for the job, but use a sponge or brush if you prefer. I use it after moisturizer as I like a very natural look, but if you prefer to wear foundation, my selection of favorites from recent launches are on

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My other new spring favorite is Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush (£19, Rare Beauty is the brainchild of American actress and singer Selena Gomez and has been a resounding success since its release a few weeks ago. This is Space NK’s best-selling makeup brand launch and this blush is currently their top-selling makeup product across all brands and categories. No wonder it’s so easy to use – just dab a dot or two on the cheeks and it blends seamlessly, giving color and a bit of shine all at once. I love the Bliss pale pink shade (pictured), but there are ten more to choose from.




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… if the new MacStack Mascara (£26, really is as good as the hype. After all, this is the brand’s first time advertising on TV and it’s clear the extra buzz is gaining customer interest. The short answer is: yes, because it’s a great all-around mascara. The promise that you can keep building up layers of product on lashes without them clumping is indeed true: I kept applying multiple times without a clump in sight. Plus, it’s really great for adding length and even curls. As I got older, I found that my lashes increasingly benefited from (sometimes even required) a visit to the eyelash curlers before mascara in order to get proper lift, but luckily that’s not the case with MacStack. Great stuff.

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